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Christmas Canapes

If you are hosting a canapé party over the Christmas period here are 10 top tips to make sure it’s a success.  

  1. Plan It!

Put some effort into planning your menu. A bit of thought up front will save you time and stress down the line. Plan a good mixture of canapés. For a party of ten or more, serve a variety of at least six to eight different types of canapé. Go for an even split of meat, fish and vegetarian. Also plan for a 50/50 split between cold and hot, as this will mean less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the party. See what we mean about planning! Cans

  1. The Power of Presentation

How are you planning to serve your canapés? Consider using wooden boards or slate pieces or look out for stylish serving platters in charity shops. Using larger plates or boards means you’ll be able to fit more on so you won’t have to keep dashing back to the kitchen to refill them. Also consider using decorative skewers. These can transform your nibbles into sophisticated hors d’oeuvres. If you can’t find any stylish skewers try using rosemary sprigs stripped of their leaves, but don’t forget to put out bowls for the used skewers and plenty of napkins too.

  1. Get Saucy

This is another presentation tip really. If you are serving your canapés are served with a thick sauce or dip, you can place a decent dollop of the sauce directly onto the board and set the canapés on top. This helps hold the canapés nicely in place as you move through the throngs and also makes the platter look very appetising.  

  1. Cases and Bases

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Instead of cooking your own pastry case you could use pre prepared shop bought bases. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Cans 2 image by

  1. Think Drink

Do make sure you consider what drinks you are going to serve your guests. If you know your guests well you’ll have a pretty good idea of their tastes and preferences, but it won’t hurt to surprise them with a couple of cocktails or a specially made punch and of course running out of drink is the ultimate party disaster.

  1. Glasses Galore

Do make sure that you have enough glasses. You should plan to have one wine glass, one cocktail glass and one tumbler per person. A few cocktails will always go down well.

  1. Sweet Treats

Canapés don’t have to be exclusively savoury. Why not finish off the evening with a selection of sweet canapés. You can assemble these before the party.

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  1. Hired Help

For larger gatherings, typically 20 or more, consider hiring in some help. If you don’t want to hire agency waiters and waitresses you could ask your children and their friends to help out for some extra pocket money? It will allow you to socialise and enjoy the party.

  1. Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

The finishing touches can really make your party a memorable success. Consider the music that you will be playing. Decorate the tables with fresh flowers and bowls of nibbles such as nuts and crisps. Also give thought to the lighting – not too light or too dark. Candles and fairy lights always help with the atmosphere.

  1. That’s a Wrap

We all love receiving gifts, so finish the evening off perfectly and send your guests on their way with an unexpected gift. You can give them something homemade such as these delicious Christmassy biscuits  nicely tied up with a pretty ribbon or if your budget allows try giving a more unusual and exotic foodie gift, like a small bottle of Truffle Oil for example (less than £6).   Alternatively of course if all of this just seems like too much work and hassle you could always just hire Coleshill Catering to do it all for you. Happy Christmas!

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